Moving House Tips
  • Proper removalist cartons are recommended for strength and size
  • Striped bags are preferred as apposed to garbage bags for linen, clothing, blankets, etc, as garbage bags easily tear
  • Label all cartons with name, relevant room and contents
  • Crumpled paper, bubble wrap, newspaper or linen, towels and cushions are ideal when packing fragile items, and clearly label as ‘fragile’
  • Covering your furniture with plastic/sheet covering will help prevent it from getting dusty. We will however wrap all furniture in felt wraps/pads to prevent damage in transit.
  • Crockery should be interleaved into folded sheets of paper or cardboard, then wrapped again and placed on end in carton
  • Distribute the weight evenly when packing all cartons, combine both heavy and light items in each carton, packing heavy items first
  • Books/heavy items should be packed into small boxes
  • Do not pack aerosol cans, flammable items, tins of paint, etc
  • Gas bottles must be empty
  • Empty petrol from lawn movers, whipper snipers, motorbikes, etc
  • Secure lids on jars, bottles, containers, etc
  • Pack all items that will fit in cartons; lampshades, paintings, glass, etc
  • All cartons should have lids, be taped closed and have labels
  • Garbage bins, linen baskets, etc can be used as packing cartons
  • Brooms, mops and garden tools can be taped together in bundles of 5
  • Port-a-robes are available; with hanging bar, and shoes can be placed on the bottom
  • Empty all robes, chest of drawers, dressing tables, etc
  • Paint and chemicals are not recommended to be packed and shipped with furniture.
  • Plastic storage containers should be used for storage only, as they easily crack in transit and are used at own risk
  • Don’t forget to inform the removalist of everything you want moved, as it is your responsibility to check before the van leaves
  • Don’t store valuable items, such as; jewellery, taxation papers, legal documents, insurance policies, etc. Take them with you, or if storing mark the carton with ‘leave at front’, and inform the removalist so it can be placed for easy access

Packing Tips For Moving
  • Dismantle all swings, play gyms, beds, etc
  • Disconnect washing machine, TV, etc
  • Empty and defrost fridge and freezer
  • Arrange to discontinue – newspaper, telephone, gas, electricity, water meter reading, etc
  • Notify your change of address to – post office, bank, electoral roll, car registration and license, hire/rental firms, insurance companies, Medicare, schools, clubs, charge accounts and credit cards, government departments, solicitor, etc
  • If moving plants: Each state has different quarantine restrictions. Be sure to check what these restrictions are for the State you are moving to.

Moving Day Advice
  • Make sure driveways are clear and accessible for the removal truck
  • Check delivery address and estimated time of delivery with your removalist
  • After the removalist has loaded check the house thoroughly and make sure everything is loaded and locked or secured

On Delivery
  • Check your new home is vacant and clean
  • Have keys and access ready before the removalist arrives
  • Arrange connections - telephone, gas, electricity, mail service, newspaper, etc
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